“This is my little corner of the world where I share my personal passion for the community around Petersham, Lewisham and the surrounding Inner Western suburbs.

Whether you are a local or have never visited, I’d like to share what makes this area so unique and special.


As an estate agent I am obsessed with location. One thing Petersham and Lewisham both offer is their own train station on the Inner West Line. If you like the livelihood of Newtown and fancy a gelato after eating Vietnamese, you can get there in 5 minutes by train, free from the stress of hunting for a parking spot. You can also reach Central station in 10 minutes and Circular Quay in 18 minutes on the same train.


And yet both Petersham and Lewisham have a certain appeal that go beyond the convenience of their strategic position. Their charm resides in the unpretentious sense of community that permeates the area.


Locals take advantage of the suburb’s superb eateries and green spaces on weekends and weeknights. Young families with kids enjoy some of the best of schools in the Inner West. Students benefit from the quietness of the area. And the smart investor can rely on growth for the next 20 years.

Personally, Petersham and Lewisham represent a snapshot of what Australia and Sydney are all about: a melting pot of people, culture and history. The area retains its distinct character in the many homes and buildings from a bygone era. The cafés and the restaurants are owned and run by locals. And some well-established locals, like the Portuguese – to give just one example relating to my own heritage – continue to be a part of the community.

I’ve put together this website with what I think is useful information and some interesting facts about these two amazing suburbs and the wider Inner West community. I hope you enjoy it.

All the best